PAS, ex-members, settle KL property dispute

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KUALA LUMPUR: Four former PAS Batu division members, PAS and the owner of two shoplots have settled a property dispute lawsuit amicably.

High Court judge Justice Ahmad Zaidi Ibrahim recorded the consent judgment today, with PAS agreeing to pay RM32,500 to its former members, Rosden Mohd Yassin, M Suhaimi A Rahaman, Ismail Yahaya and Jamhor Nawawi, within 14 days from Feb 22.

The four left PAS in 2015 and are currently Amanah members.

According to the settlement, the power of attorney given to the former PAS members will be revoked when the money is fully paid, and PAS will have vacant possession of the shoplots.

Shop owner Md Mansor Ali, PAS Batu division chief Azhar Yahya and PAS Batu division had filed a lawsuit against the four in July last year seeking the return of the two shop lots and documents relating to the properties. They also sought damages and costs.

In the lawsuit, Azhar and Batu PAS claimed they had bought the two shops for RM250,000 in 2001 and the ownership of the properties was transferred to Mansor as the trustee.

They said the four men were also trustees of the properties as they were PAS Batu division committee members for the term 2013 to 2015.

Azhar and PAS claimed the four men had sold the properties, belonging to PAS, without the party’s permission.

However, Justice Zaidi, last November, struck out the claim by Azhar and PAS on the grounds that they did not have legal standing to take action against the four men.

This case comes on the heels of another legal dispute involving PAS and its former members.

Last November, the Kota Bharu High Court dismissed Salor assemblyman Husam Musa’s application for an injunction to stop Wisma Tok Guru’s land owner from allowing anyone from holding activities there.

The court said the defendant Mohd Yasin Yusoff was the rightful owner as he had already paid for the property.

The issue surfaced when the land which had belonged to former Salor assemblyman, the late Ahmad Rosli Ibrahim, was sold to Yasin, who is also Kelantan PAS executive secretary, for RM700,000.

Husam, who was still using the building as his office, claimed that the original owner of the land had given him permission to do so.

Husam was sacked by PAS in 2016 and later joined Amanah.