#ForwardTogether barking up the wrong tree, says #UndiRosak

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Lee says #ForwardTogether should focus on those who are unaware of Malaysian politics, not #UndiRosak supporters.

PETALING JAYA: #UndiRosak supporter Maryam Lee has hit out at emerging youth group #ForwardTogether, saying its supporters are targeting the wrong people in their fight against political fatigue in Malaysia.

Speaking to FMT, Lee said #ForwardTogether should focus on those who are unaware of Malaysian politics, not #UndiRosak supporters.

“They are barking up the wrong tree.

“We are a group that is fully aware of the political scenario in the country. Perhaps they should create awareness among those who are not aware of politics,” she said.

Lee added that those behind #UndiRosak were aware of the capabilities of candidates from both sides of the political divide, and had chosen not to support anyone.

However, they were not involved in any illegal or criminal activities, she said.

#ForwardTogether is a group of young Malaysians who seek to address what has been described as “political fatigue” in Malaysia, as the country gears up for what is likely to be the most closely contested general election since independence.

It is spearheaded by the Organisation for National Empowerment (ONE), which aims to reach out to millions of youths as the debate over boycotting the election under the #UndiRosak movement rages on social media.

#ForwardTogether spokesman Danni Rais had told FMT it seeks to reverse the youths’ attitude from one of indifference to one with a positive outlook for Malaysia’s future.

However, Lee said not voting and purposely spoiling votes were two separate issues.

“Not voting means people do not cast their votes. We are going out to vote but because we disagree with both sides, we’ll spoil our votes.”

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