Shahrizat: Trend in condemning people on social media worrisome

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KUALA LUMPUR: Women have been advised to use cyberspace for beneficial things, not to condemn or insult others, Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said.

Shahrizat said the online culture, especially among women, of using social media as a medium to condemn others was getting worrisome.

“The culture of condemning has to be curtailed. We all have to realise that nobody is free of mistakes.

“If there are issues, or if a person makes a mistake, the story goes viral.

“Do not immediately condemn them; do not be quick to judge.

“It is better to advise them in a civil way,” she told Bernama.

Shahrizat was commenting on the issue of celebrities or women whose actions allegedly mar the image of women or religion on social media, attracting all kinds of comments, including condemnation.

Recently, celebrity entrepreneur Neelofa was subjected to condemnation after she launched her latest range of headscarves at a popular nightspot here, despite explaining she was merely using their function room.

Shahrizat said anyone who has made a wrong move should be guided and advised properly, not judged.

“We understand that these celebrities are young. Maybe they do not realise the repercussions of their actions.

“As a loving society, we should guide them, not judge or condemn them,” she said.

Shahrizat said those who condemned others on social media should put themselves in the position of those people they were insulting.

“What if this happens to our own families?

“I am afraid that this culture of condemnation will result in our people forgetting to be thankful for what they have,” she said.