1Malaysia Internet Centres help curb fake news

mobile-usersRAUB: 1Malaysia Internet Centres (PI1M) are playing a role in spreading the “Tidak Pasti, Jangan Kongsi” (If unsure, don’t share) message in combating the dissemination of fake news.

These centres were developed by the government through the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

MCMC’s security, network and enforcement sector chief officer Zulkarnain Mohd Yasin said PI1M were not only centres that provided broadband internet access, but also shouldered the responsibility, as frontliners, of curbing the spread of fake news.

He said that at the early stage of its establishment, PI1M was viewed as merely providing an opportunity for rural communities to enjoy online services.

However, eventually, its role had been expanded to inculcate ethical and wise use of the internet, Zulkarnain said at a sebenarnya.my roadshow at the Batu Talam Open Hall in Raub.

He said the PI1M, in highlighting the importance of MCMC’s sebenarnya.my portal, could inculcate among the local community, the habit of first checking the validity of information received before believing or disseminating it to others.

Zulkarnain sees fake news as a poison that is destructive to public thinking, hence creating bigger problems.

MCMC has issued a seven-point guideline on verifying news received online:

  1. Check first. Find out who is the writer. His/her real identity, qualifications and background in relation to the content of the write-up.
  2. Understand the story. See whether the information is based on facts or just based on the writer’s own opinions and experience.
  3. Check out the writer’s intention. What is he/she trying to convey through the content.
  4. Old story? Ensure it’s the latest information and not a recycled story. For websites, check the last time a piece of news or information was updated.
  5. Compare the original source with a number of other sources that have credibility.
  6. Find balance in the value of the information from various angles, and not only from opinions that are the same as yours.
  7. Beware of clickbait! Be cautious with sensational headings, as maybe it’s news or information that is manipulated to reap profits or to commit cyber crime.