Suhakam: Boo politicians who use racist remarks to get votes

Suhakam’s Gerald Joseph says the damage from such comments will take a long time to heal. (Youtube Screengrab)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) has called on Malaysians to boo politicians who make racist remarks during their election campaigns.

Its commissioner, Gerald Joseph, said it was time to send a clear message to these politicians not to use racist remarks to fish for votes.

“When politicians make campaign speeches, boo them if they laugh at any community or say something racist.

“It is time for Malaysians to reject those who bank on race and religion (to win),” he said during a forum called “Eliminating Racial Discrimination in Malaysia” today.

The event was organised by Pusat Komas, an NGO that looks into issues of democracy and equality.

Joseph said politicians should be addressing the people as Malaysians and pushing for ideas that create unity.

“We hope to create ethical candidates. We do not want politicians to set a dangerous precedent.”

He said during the coming general election campaign, candidates would try to outdo their rivals by running them down.

“The damage created (from these speeches) on race relations and religious understanding takes a long time to heal,” he added.

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