Businessman jailed 4 years for possessing IS-related magazines

KUALA LUMPUR: A businessman was sentenced to a four-year jail term by the High Court here today for possessing 27 copies of Islamic State-related magazines

Judge Mohd Sofian Abd Razak handed down the sentence after Jailani Jurimi, 41, pleaded guilty to an amended charge.

In the judgment, Sofian said Jailani should consider himself lucky to have been offered an alternative charge under Section 130JB(1)(a) of the Penal Code, which provided a lighter sentence, an imprisonment for up to seven years, by the prosecution, instead of the original charge which carried an imprisonment for up to 30 years.

“You have been given a second chance at life. When you have completed your time in jail, you will hopefully have become a useful citizen.

“The case exhibits include copies of thick magazines, containing articles and pictures. These can influence people to join IS.

“You are lucky to have not gone to that extent of joining IS. It’s better to read educational materials, rather than those on IS,” said the judge.

He ordered Jailani to serve the jail sentence from Aug 7 last year, the date of his arrest.

Jailani was charged with possession of 15 copies of the Dabiq magazine, 10 copies of the magazine “Rumiyah” and two copies of the magazine “Waislama”, which are linked to the terrorist group, in his handphone at the TCO Terminal Control Room, Sultan Iskandar Building, Johor Baharu, Johor, at 5.30pm on Aug 7, 2017.

He was initially charged with giving support to the terrorist group, framed under Section 130J(1)(a) of the Penal Code, which provided imprisonment for life, or imprisonment for up to 30 years, or with fine, and shall also be liable to forfeiture of any property used in the commission of the offence, upon conviction.

In mitigation, Jailani, who was unrepresented, said he did not know that possession of the magazines was an offence.

He also said he regretted his action and promised to be more cautious after this.

Deputy public prosecutor Muhammad Fadzlan Mohd Noor, who prosecuted, requested a punishment that would serve as a lesson to the accused, as well as a warning to others, in view of the increase in terrorism cases in the country.