GE14: 1.8 million registered voters in Johor

About 40% of registered voters in Johor are under the age of 40.

JOHOR BAHRU: A total of 1.8 million people have been registered as voters in Johor for the 14th general election (GE14), according to the fourth quarter electoral roll for 2017.

Johor Election Commission (EC) director Shafie Taib said the number of voters showed an increase of about 300,000 compared to the 1.5 million registered in GE13.

“Of the 1.8 million, 40% of them are young voters under the age of 40,” he told reporters after an EC briefing session with the Johor media here yesterday.

Shafie said the Johor EC was mostly ready for GE14, with only a few things left to do such as holding a polling briefing.

He said the briefing session yesterday was to inform the media about the electoral process in the country, especially the voting process, the roles of chiefs and clerks at the polling stations, and the EC’s transparency in handling the process.

“During GE13, about 11% of the 1.39 million registered voters in the state didn’t cast their votes. We (EC) advise those registered to vote in GE14 to choose a time that is convenient for them as they have between 8am and 5pm to vote,” he added.