Don’t play up race and religion at GE14, says Johor sultan

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar urges politicians not to play the race and religion cards at the coming polls. (Facebook pic)

SERDANG: Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar has advised political parties to avoid issues that could cause racial and religious conflicts in the run-up to the 14th general election.

“If there are undesirable outcomes (in GE14), it is the people who will suffer and will lead to the destruction of the nation,” he said when opening the Malaysia Bike Week 2018 at the Malaysian Agriculture Exposition Park here today.

The sultan reminded the people to remain united despite differences in opinions or political ideologies.

He said the culprits were those who played the race and religious cards to instigate the people to hate each other.

“In a multiracial and multi-religious society, mutual respect, give and take, are incumbent upon all. Every citizen must play his or her part to maintain peace and harmony in our beloved country,” he added.

He said this was why he introduced the “Bangsa Johor” clarion call so that Johoreans or others living in the state would feel as “one people” and thus live in peace and harmony.

“People in other states also share things in common that unite them. Nevertheless, when we talk about the national level, all of us are united under one country as Malaysian citizens,” he said.