No motive for ‘last minute attacks’ in GE14, say veterans

Arshad said he found the statements by the IGP and defence minister “a bit strange”.

PETALING JAYA: National Patriots Association (Patriot) president Brig-Gen (R) Mohamed Arshad Raji has dismissed the possibility of “last minute attacks” taking place to disrupt the 14th general election (GE14).

Referring to comments from Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Inspector-General of Police Mohamed Fuzi Harun recently, Arshad said he found their statements “a bit strange”.

“Why would anyone, any sane Malaysian want to carry out a ‘last-minute attack’? What is the motive? Barring anyone being under the influence of drugs and in a state of hallucination, no sane person would want to commit such a silly and outrageous act of armed violence to disrupt the election,” he said in a statement today.

On Thursday, Fuzi said police had identified about 1,100 individuals and organisations with the potential to carry out “last minute attacks” to create chaos in GE14.

The IGP added that police had identified 116 areas in the peninsular and 33 in Sabah and Sarawak as “hot locations” for GE14.

This was followed by Hishammuddin telling the media that the armed forces will work with the police to monitor individuals who are likely to trigger such “last minute attacks”.

The minister added that the two agencies had always shared information on irresponsible parties trying to take advantage of certain situations.

However, Arshad said he has confidence in the capabilities of both the police and military’s intelligence personnel.

“Our intelligence personnel in the police and the military, with their superb track record, would clampdown on any such insidious activities.

“Knowing our intelligence personnel, they do not fail. Any security breach, any failure, is a plan to fail,” he said.

Arshad added that even an attack by the Islamic State (IS) militant group, as stated by the IGP, is not likely.

“Patriot finds their (IS) modus operandi and motive unfitting for a ‘last-minute attack’ to disrupt our election,” he said.

Asrhad also reiterated his comment from last month, that in the event that any attack does occur, during or immediately after GE14, he trusts the police and the armed forces to stand together with the Malaysian people, to do the right thing, and not take sides.

“The armed forces and police should always remember their pledge to serve King and country first, besides the protection of the people and their properties,” Arshad said in a statement dated Feb 10.

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