We’ll put more Indian students in varsities, says Najib

Prime Minister Najib Razak says the government will continue to assist the Indian community to find their rightful place in the country. (Twitter pic)

PUTRAJAYA: The government is studying ways to increase the number of Indian students in matriculation colleges and public institutions of higher learning (IPTA), Prime Minister Najib Razak said today.

He said this was because the intake of Indians in IPTA had not achieved the target of 7% currently.

“The government is looking to increase the number of matriculation places for Indian students.

“The effort to provide the right kind of education, quality education, access to higher education and vocational training will ensure every individual will be able to realise his or her maximum potential is something that I like to see in the country.

“As an inclusive government, we have always ensured no one should be left behind in the development of the country,” he said when speaking at an event by MyNadi Foundation, which is a non-governmental organisation set up to raise the living standard of the Indian community in the country.

Also present was MyNadi Foundation chairman Dr Jeyaindran Sinnadurai, who is also the deputy director-general of the health ministry.

The prime minister added that 100,000 households of the Indian community who are in the bottom 40% (B40) median income level would be able to participate in a special investment scheme in Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (A1SM) that is to be launched on April 7.

“Further announcements would be made on the date. So far, 411.14 million units of shares have been subscribed by the Indian community through a distribution of 1.5 billion units of additional A1SM for the Indian community on Jan 29 this year,” he told the more than 700 participants at the event.

Najib said the government was always fostering the spirit of “nambikei” with the community to move forward as a race to ensure the wellbeing and prosperity of the people.

“Under the present leadership, we will continue to assist the Indian community to find their rightful place in the country. This is my hope,” he said.

Even though the government placed its emphasis on inclusive policies, Najib said there are still bound to be individuals and groups in the community who were marginalised for a number of reasons.

“As a government, we will look into the needs of all groups. For the Indian community, the government had launched the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB) on April 23 last year with progress made in several areas. But we will continue to implement more programmes,” he said.

On MyNadi Foundation, Najib said it is a partnership with the government to carry out welfare work in various fields since 2010.

“With the contribution from the government, MyNadi has launched several welfare projects successfully, for the benefit of the Indian community.

“Our effort is to ensure that our development will touch the life of every single individual and that development is all encompassing. Besides the government and political parties,  a third force namely the NGOs, can also work together with the government in partnership,” he said.

Najib said he was also attracted to the way the welfare work was practised by Jeyaindran which emphasised on the value of money in implementing projects, among them a crematorium and school science laboratory costing about RM40,000 each.