Malaysian drug mules return home after doing time in Peru

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SEPANG: Two Malaysian women who were stranded in Peru after serving time there for allegedly working as drug mules for an international syndicate returned home yesterday.

The safe passage home for Noor Suzanna Azmi, 36, and Noor Azimah Sapie, 38, was the result of a two-year initiative by the Umno Welfare Bureau (BiKUM).

The women were greeted at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport by bureau chairman Shamsul Anuar Nasarah and their family members.

Shamsul said the six-day BiKUM mission led by its operations division secretary Mohd Awie Shoubli Jamal, also succeeded in bringing home Noor Azimah’s daughter, Qistina Maisara Alarcon Sapie, as well as Noor Suzanna’s Peruvian husband, Garlin Lever Quispe Sanchez, and the couple’s sons, Muhammad Duler Akasyah Salas Azmi and Garlin Junior Quispe Azmi.

Shamsul said efforts to bring home the two women began after Noor Suzanna and Noor Azimah attended a meet-and-greet session between Prime Minister Najib Razak and Malaysian citizens at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference at Lima in November 2016.

“The repatriation process took a long time because both women were illegals in Peru, and as such, various documents were involved.

“Besides that, they had also married Peruvian locals and had children. Since they returned to Malaysia with their Peruvian family members, we also needed to settle their documentation to enable them to enter Malaysia and stay here,” he said at a press conference following their arrival.

He said BiKUM planned to take Noor Suzanna and Noor Azimah on a road tour to share their experiences in efforts to educate the public on the modus operandi of drug syndicates and the dangers of becoming drug mules.