No free higher studies but more scholarships, says Mahathir

Dr Mahathir says those who feel education is crucial would go all out to get a degree.

PUTRAJAYA: Pakatan Harapan will not offer free higher education, but will instead provide more scholarships to deserving students, said its chairman.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad said students may not value education if it was provided for free.

“I often see free food in schools thrown into the garbage bin.

“Believe me, the majority of students will not study if we give them free (higher) education. They would think it is not important.”

He was speaking to youths during a forum on economic challenges faced by youths in the country.

He said the environment was different in Germany where the students studied hard. This was unlike some of the students in Malaysia who looked for an easy way out.

“That is why PH is not suggesting free education, but we will increase scholarships for deserving students at all levels.”

He said those who feel education is crucial would go all out to get a degree.

Mahathir: Everything in PH manifesto can be delivered

Mahathir shrugged of claims that his coalition party was making a U-turn on its manifesto, pointing out that all the promises can be delivered.

“There are things that are popular but we did not add to the manifesto because we could not afford it.

“What we’ve promised in the manifesto, we can deliver.”

The opposition leader added detailed research was carried out on the manifesto.

Mahathir was asked to comment on Prime Minister Najib Razak’s speech today, where he said that the opposition is now making a U-turn after admitting that they could not deliver their election promises, just 17 days after launching their manifesto on March 8.

Mahathir was also asked on an article in the Singapore Sunday Times quoting him as saying that PH may not be able to fulfil its promises.

To this, Mahathir said he was referring to the toll charges.

“Within us, there are some differing opinions on the matter.

“I have experience on tolls. So I didn’t want us to promise something that we can’t do.

“When I was asked, perhaps I could not accept that we will do away with tolls,” he said.

This is because without toll collection, the PH government would not be able to maintain roads and build new roads.

“We tell the private sector to do it, but the private sector is not going to do it without profits

“That’s why I was concerned, and what I said was merely my concerns,” he said.