DAP eyeing 3 PAS-held seats in Selangor

DAP is said to be optimistic of its chances in the PAS-held seats thanks to the redrawing of electoral boundaries.

PETALING JAYA: Selangor DAP is reportedly vying for three more state assembly seats currently held by PAS as it believes its chances there are good thanks to the redrawing of electoral boundaries.

A party source said the three seats were Taman Templer, Lembah Jaya and Dusun Tua.

“Any of our multiracial candidates could secure the seats for Pakatan Harapan (PH) in a three-cornered contest due to the mixed voter composition,” the source told FMT regarding the ongoing seat negotiations among DAP, PKR, PPBM and Amanah.

The source said this time around, it was certain that at least three groups – BN, PAS and PH – would be competing for the seats.

“PH candidates from DAP could win the seats due to the strong support from non-Malay voters, while the Malay votes are likely to be split,” the source added.

The Taman Templer seat is held by PAS’ Zaidy Abdul Talib. Zaidy, who is now a Selangor executive councillor, won the seat from BN’s Subahan Kamal in the 2013 general election with a 7,467-vote majority.

At the time, Malays made up 51.5% of the 49,428 voters, with Chinese comprising 34.6%, Indians 12.96% and others 0.92%.

Lembah Jaya meanwhile is held by Khasim Abdul Aziz, who retained the seat for PAS in 2013 with a 8,713-vote majority in a straight fight with BN.

Of the 48,730 voters, Malays comprised 54.26%, Chinese 31.86, Indians 12.66% and others 1.22%.

The Dusun Tua seat is held by Razaly Hassan, who defeated BN’s Ismail Sani with a 4,071-vote majority in the 2013 polls.

Malays comprised 53.28% of the 46,087 voters, with Chinese making up 37.42%, Indians 6.88% and others 2.42%.

In 2013, PAS was part of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition which retained the Selangor government after winning 44 of the 56 seats up for grabs.

PKR won 14, and DAP and PAS secured 15 each while BN was reduced to 12 seats.

Currently, DAP holds 14 state seats, PKR 13, PAS 13 and BN 12. Amanah holds two seats while the other two are held by independents.

The two independents are Pelabuhan Klang state assemblyman Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, who was previously with PKR, and Teluk Datuk state assemblyman Loh Chee Heng, previously with DAP.

It was earlier reported that PKR would be contesting 19 seats, DAP 18, PPBM 10 and Amanah nine.

However, PPBM and Amanah were dissatisfied over the initial outcome of seat negotiations.

Pakatan Harapan still deadlocked on 21 seats in Selangor