Chief Secretary: Cabinet is now caretaker government

The Chief Secretary says a Cabinet must always be present, even after Parliament is dissolved, in order to advise the King.

PUTRAJAYA: The Chief Secretary to the Government has confirmed that the existing Cabinet forms a caretaker government from the time of dissolution of Parliament until a new cabinet is formed after the general election or the new Parliament is called.

In a statement to Bernama today, Ali Hamsa said the caretaker government could take actions for the purpose of conducting government administrative affairs until a new government was formed.

“Some examples of such administrative matters are like continuing the implementation of existing policies and holding government official functions,” he said.

Parliament stands dissolved today, paving the way for the 14th general election.

Ali said the concept of a caretaker government was a constitutional convention that was practised in parliamentary democracies in the Commonwealth, such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

The chief secretary also made reference to a Federal Court decision acknowledging that the Cabinet needs to exist at all times, even after Parliament was dissolved, in order to advise the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in accordance with the Federal Constitution.

He said Article 40 of the Federal Constitution provided that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall act on the advice of the Cabinet or a minister empowered by the Cabinet.