Apandi confirms three more years as AG

Apandi Ali has been at the centre of controversy from the day he took over from Gani Patail. (Youtube screengrab)

PETALING JAYA: The Attorney-General, Mohamed Apandi Ali, who cleared Najib Razak of wrongdoing in 1MDB two years ago, has confirmed that his contract has been extended for three years.

He told FMT: “I cannot deny the report” when asked about a news article on the extension of his term.

Apandi, 68, a former Federal Court judge, has been under pressure to resign, first from opposition politicians and later from the Bar Council.

More recently he came under attack from pro-BN blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin who had made allegations of corruption, questioned his loyalty to the government and also alleged the involvement of Apandi’s wife in anti-Najib activities through The Malaysian Insight website.

Apandi’s term has been a series of controversies from the day he replaced Abdul Gani Patail on July 27, 2015.

Gani’s services were abruptedly terminated for what the government said were health reasons.

Opposition politicians, however, raised a howl of protest about Gani’s ouster, as the AG, the Inspector-General of Police, the Governor of Bank Negara and the Chief Commissioner of MACC were part of a team of “Four Tan Sris” who headed investigations into the affairs of government-owned investment fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

Leaked information from the investigation were published in foreign media alleging a money trail that led to a bank account in Najib’s name but Apandi subsequently cleared Najib of any wrongdoing

His decisions in the 1MDB investigations led to a motion adopted at the Bar Council annual meeting in March 2016, demanding his resignation.

Late last year, blogger Raja Petra accused him of being involved in corrupt practices, and Apandi filed police reports and a suit for defamation. Raja Petra later stated he had been misinformed.

More recently however, the blogger questioned Apandi’s loyalty to the government and demanded his resignation, citing the involvement of Apandi’s wife in the ownership of The Malaysian Insight. The website suspended its operations last month citing financial difficulties and a reorganisation.

Apandi is a barrister-at-law of the Inner Temple, London, and has had a long career in the government’s legal service as magistrate, deputy public prosecutor and legal adviser. He has been a judge on all three levels, at the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.

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