Veterans to politicians: Don’t misuse govt assets

PETALING JAYA: The National Patriots Association of military veterans and retired police officers has reminded politicians not to misuse security agencies and government departments for political purposes in the weeks leading up to the general election.

Patriot president Brig-Gen (R) Mohamed Arshad Raji said government assets, properties and human resources should not be manipulated for political ends, and funding for these should be provided only for routine or emergency use.

“The use of military assets including aircraft, helicopters (and) naval craft by any politicians in the caretaker government is strictly forbidden,” he said. “Any abuse of such is blatant disregard for the law. It is illegal.”

Parliament and eight state assemblies stand dissolved, and government administration is in the hands of the caretaker Cabinet and caretake state executive councils.

Arshad said the reminder was for Barisan Nasional politicians in the federal government as well as politicians in PKR-led Selangor and DAP-led Penang administrations, and the PAS Kelantan government.

He said all civil servants, especially those in high positions, and the top brass of the military and police need to heed the call as the country is under a caretaker government until the next one is appointed following the election.

All politicians and parties should focus their campaigns on issues of national or local importance. “Please do not employ politics of hate, race and religion, to further tear the fragile fabric of racial harmony,” he said.

He added that civil servants supported the government of the day and were loyal to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the country, and not to any political leader of the ruling party or the opposition.

Arshad also accused the Registrar of Societies (RoS) of “crossing the line of impartiality” by provisionally deregistering PPBM on April 5, a day before Parliament’s dissolution was announced by Prime Minister and BN chairman Najib Razak.

“Where is the principle of fairness? Where is the principle of decency? Where is the principle of impartiality?

“If seemingly educated and responsible top civil servants cannot manifest such principles in governance, in their decisions and
conduct, then sadly, it is a fast march to ruin and doom for our nation,” he said.

The “provisional dissolution” order came about from PPBM’s failure to furnish documents and details within a stipulated period after the party was issued a notice to submit minutes of its branch, divisional and central leadership meetings.

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