Jobs, homes and motor sport among 40 BN election pledges

KUALA BERANG: Jobs, homes, a better life, and motor sport are among 20 promises made by Terengganu Barisan Nasional in its state election manifesto launched today.

The manifesto, with the theme We Build the Future Together, has a focus on upholding Islam and religious harmony, enhancing efforts to ease the people’s burden, and building up the “TN50 generation” for a new industrial revolution.

Education and furthering the involvement of women in various fields also received attention.

The manifesto was announced by state BN chairman Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman at the opening of the Hulu Terengganu parliamentary election operations centre, which was also attended by Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and thousands of BN election workers.

The manifesto contains 20 initiatives for young people: a pledge to create 40,000 jobs; build 20,000 affordable homes; create a one-stop jobs centre (JobsTerengganu), create a strategic plan for an industrial revolution and a focus on motor sport and e-sport.

Also included were pledges to:

  • build an integrated flood relief centre in every district;
  • expand public transport networks in high-density areas;
  • establish Imtiaz primary school (Seri);
  • open a haemodialysis centre in every area;
  • reduce LPT2 toll charges by 50 per cent in stages;
  • build PPR housing in each district;
  • change the status of PPR housing units from rental to hire-purchase scheme;
  • build the third phase of the East Coast Highway LPT3;
  • expand assistance to hawkers’ stalls and micro entrepreneurs;
  • empower daily religious centres for adults in each district;
  • introduce a special card for those listed in the e-kasih, persons with disabilities, single mothers and orphans;
  • expand the ‘Jualan Sentuhan Rakyat’ programme to all districts;
  • ensure priority for Terengganu people in employment and business opportunities from the East Coast Rail Link project;
  • increase the involvement of qualified women in government administration and government-linked companies; and
  • establish Tahfiz Darul Iman centre in every district.