Dr M to Hadi: Go back to kampung and become an ustaz

PETALING JAYA: Dr Mahathir Mohamad today shot back at Abdul Hadi Awang for telling him to go back to his medical career instead of making a political comeback, saying the PAS president should remain a village religious teacher.

“Don’t join politics. You should be an ustaz, you’re qualified to teach in kampungs. You don’t understand politics.

“Look what happened when you administered Terengganu. Go back to school, teach religion. But the true religion, not one that accuses others as infidels,” the PPBM president told reporters at the party’s headquarters here.

His remarks today followed Hadi’s attack on Mahathir after the former prime minister was named Pakatan Harapan’s candidate in Langkawi.

“He should be a doctor working at 1Malaysia clinics providing free treatment for charity,” Hadi had said.