RM50 travel subsidy for voters returning home

Travel in a group of four back to your hometown to vote in GE14 and receive RM50.

PETALING JAYA: A RM50 travel subsidy is the latest incentive for Malaysians to return to their constituencies to vote in the May 9 polls.

This latest offer comes from Zubedy, a company that provides training services and was founded by Anas Zubedy, who is known for his stand on moderation.

In a promotional banner that is being widely shared on social media, the company is offering the RM50 travel subsidy for Malaysians who are travelling at least 200km from their place of work to return home to vote.

Among the other conditions are that there must be a minimum of four voting passengers in the vehicle.

The voters are also required to follow the “@manycolorsonerace” tag in their respective Facebook accounts.

Only those who have voted are eligible for the subsidy.

“The driver and his/her carmates must upload a group selfie or a video clip showing their inked fingers, and provide their full names and constituencies as well.

The singing of ‘Marilah Mengundi’ on the video clip would be a welcome bit of fun,” Zubedy said in its promo banner.

With the total subsidy allocated for this offer being RM1,000, the  offer is only open to the first 200 cars that comply with the conditions as well as provide an image of the toll receipts as proof.

However, Zubedy says if more sponsors come on board, then the offer will be extended beyond the first 200 cars.

Following the announcement that the 14th general election (GE14) will fall on May 9, a Wednesday, Malaysians have rallied on social media with creative plans to encourage a high voter turnout.

The “Pulang Mengundi” movement, which began with a Twitter hashtag, helps arrange transport for those who are unable to go home on polling day due to logistic or financial reasons.

A website, www.pulangmengundi.com now provides carpooling services and travel subsidies, with details of drivers who are offering carpools as well as riders who are looking for a lift home.

Several airlines have also announced incentives, including waiving fees to change travel dates and special discounted airfares.

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