MIC promises to create 45,000 entrepreneurs

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC has promised to create 45,000 Indian entrepreneurs.

Addressing its members and supporters at the launch of the party’s manifesto for the upcoming polls, MIC president Dr S Subramaniam said it will also make available funds to help Indian entrepreneurs develop their business.

“We also intend to focus on developing the e-entrepreneur and e-commerce sector.”

Subramaniam said the party will ensure the objectives of the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB), announced earlier by the government, will be fully implemented over the next five years.

This will include creating a RM500 million revolving fund to assist Indian entrepreneurs.

The party will continue to protect the community’s interests by ensuring at least 7% of the intake into government-linked companies are Indians, he said.

It will ensure at least 7% students in public universities are Indians.

“This manifesto promises to assist single mothers, offer free pre-school enrolment for children from the Indian community and strengthen the network of Tamil-medium schools.”

Subramaniam said those Indians who fell under the B40 (bottom 40% household income group) category will be registered under the e-Kasih database.

“These families will be aided through the MyKasih Food Aid Programme.”

“Half-way homes” will also be set up to improve the academic achievements of those from this category.

Other promises in the manifesto include more places of worship, 25 community centres and 25 crematoriums in areas where there are a lot of Indians.

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