MIC Youth chief denies joining myPPP or working for Kayveas

MIC Youth chief Sivarraajh Chandran’s alleged membership card, shown at a press conference yesterday.

PETALING JAYA: MIC Youth chief Sivarraajh Chandran today denied that he had ever been a myPPP member or that he had worked for the party’s president M Kayveas.

He was responding to a report in which Kayveas claimed Sivarraajh had joined myPPP on June 21, 2003, at the Brickfields Utama branch.

Kayveas had also showed a copy of Sivarraajh’s alleged membership card to the media, saying his membership number was 333981.

Speaking to FMT, Sivarraajh said he had never been to the myPPP headquarters before, nor had he met Kayveas before 2001.

“In 2001, I graduated and then focused on my work and business. I had no political involvement. The only politician I knew at that time was Samy Vellu.

“I joined MIC in Puchong, in 2004,” he said.

Sivarraajh also denied ever working for Kayveas in the Taiping seat which the myPPP president had won that same year.

“He has all the rights to lobby (for the seat) but don’t create something to make all of us laugh.”

He also said he intended to send Kayveas a legal notice over the allegations.

“This is the problem with a party without a proper registration system and data. You can simply create a membership for anyone without proper steps taken.

“If I wanted to be a member, I would have attended their annual general meeting, and I should be part of a party branch.

“Can he tell me which branch I am from?”

The tussle between the Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties began when both sides expressed their interest in the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat.

Sivarraajh and his party claimed that Cameron Highlands was a traditional MIC seat, and that they had the right to contest there.

Kayveas meanwhile said Prime Minister Najib Razak had promised him the seat after giving myPPP the go-ahead to work in the constituency.

MIC has held the Cameron Highlands seat since 2004. It was won by former MIC president G Palanivel with a narrow majority of 462 votes.

Yesterday, Kayveas said he would be meeting Najib over the seat, and that the outcome of the meeting would determine whether myPPP remained loyal to BN or exited the coalition after 45 years.

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