Many people leaving BN? Fake news, says Sabah DCM

Yahya Hussin (centre) handing over an award to a high achiever at a school.

PUTATAN: Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Yahya Hussin has dismissed as fake news reports of “many” BN party members joining the opposition in view of the coming general election.

Only a few had left BN to join opposition parties, he said today.

“Only a few, not thousands, have left the party. This is normal because they want to be candidates in the election but leave when not selected,” Yahya told reporters after an awards ceremony for high achievers here.

“These are rumours that keep getting recycled. This is the focus of the communications and multimedia ministry, which deals with fake news.

“These stories also surprise me as some are recycled from 10 years ago. We have to be able to tell the difference between true and false news. We’re all educated people and we all can read. We should find out more about whatever we read instead of believing such fake news.”

While BN leaders have dismissed these reports, the opposition has insisted these people are joining them because they want to see positive changes taking place, not just within the parties but also in the governance of the state.

Yahya, who is also Sabah agriculture and food industry minister, said BN was confident of winnning the state because the government and component parties had been constantly working hard.

“BN has done a lot of good things for the people, like reducing poverty to just 2%,” said the Petagas assemblyman. “We have also raised the salaries of government servants because we’ve administered the country and state well.

“We are now fixing our schools and placing emphasis on educating the children because our best investment is in our children. They are the future leaders. That’s why we have forward-looking programmes like the TN50 (Transformasi Nasional 2050).”

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