We’ll back you but don’t come to our areas, PSM tells PH

PSM leaders at an event where candidates of the socialist party declared their assets.

KUALA LUMPUR: PSM today pledged its support for Pakatan Harapan (PH) in the coming polls, but told the opposition coalition to stay away from seats the socialist party is contesting.

PSM leaders said the party would give its full cooperation as it wished PH would form the next government.

“We will never support Barisan Nasional. Even at the national level the people are demanding change, to change the government,” said PSM central committee member S Arutchelvan at an event to witness its candidates’ declaration of assets, adding that the party would also campaign for PH candidates.

Meanwhile, secretary-general A Sivarajan hoped PH would reciprocate the support by not forcing three-cornered contests in seats that PSM will be contesting.

“We urge PH not to stand in seats where we have a stronger winning chance, as a three-cornered fight will only help BN.”

Sivarajan said his party had done “a lot of ground work” in seats like Cameron Highlands and Sungai Siput, compared with PH and BN.

“We know we cannot form a government on our own, that is why we are telling PH that for any seats that we win, our elected MPs and assemblymen will cooperate with them,” Sivarajan said after an event where its 16 GE14 candidates declared their assets.

PSM earlier confirmed that it would field candidates in four parliamentary seats and 12 state seats in Selangor, Penang, Kelantan, Perak and Pahang.

In the last elections, PSM’s Dr Michael Jeyakumar won in Sungai Siput under the PKR banner, giving the party its sole representation in Parliament.

Jeyakumar today said his party was never consulted by PH over seat negotiations for GE14.

“So, wherever we stand we will be seen as spoilers, when in fact we have been asking for seat negotiations since two years ago. We don’t like three-cornered contests too but to blame us is entirely unfair.

“We have been waiting for their response and they never did. We don’t have time to wait anymore. We are going ahead with the seats we have announced,” said the two-term MP.

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