Health ministry orders recall of canned sardines with worms

MoH’s analysis found the nematoda species, in the Canned Sardines in Tomato Sauce sold under the brand TLC

KUALA LUMPUR: The ministry of health (MoH) has directed the importers of a brand of sardine from China to recall the product as it contains dead worms.

MoH said in a statement today that its analysis found the nematoda, a type of worm from the Genus Anisakis spp, in the Canned Sardines in Tomato Sauce sold under the brand TLC, and manufactured by Dongshan Dongyi Foods Co Ltd of China.

Saying this was not compliant with the Food Act 1983, the MoH assured Malaysians that it would take action against the importer.

The statement said MoH was aware of reports circulating on social media about dead worms being found in canned sardine products from China and that Indonesia’s regulatory body for food and medicines had instructed three importers of canned sardines to recall the products after investigations found dead worms in their products.

MoH assured that its Food Safety and Quality Division was always monitoring imported food products – including canned sardine and mackerel products.

“MoH will continue to monitor canned sardine and mackerel products, imported at all national ports of entry and in the local market. If they are found to be non-compliant with the Food Act 1983, action will be taken.”

MoH urged consumers with questions on food safety or complaints regarding food safety and cleanliness to contact the nearest state or district health department or contact the MoH via the website or on the facebook page