Skudai’s Boo a victim of chicanery?

Boo has rejected the offer by the DAP leadership to contest in Labis. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: A DAP insider and supporter of Skudai assemblyman Boo Cheng Hau has accused the party leadership of employing a devious strategy to kill the man’s political career.

Speaking to FMT, the source said some DAP leaders could not work with Boo and decided to sideline him by asking him to contest for the Labis parliament seat, knowing he would refuse.

He said those leaders had been wanting to end Boo’s political career but could not, until now, find a way to do so because of his popularity in Skudai.

“Some DAP leaders have been aiming to kill off Boo for some time,” he said. “But they have been unsuccessful because the branches support him.

“They have been bullying him since last year. Now, because of the election, they can kill him off by sending him to contest elsewhere.”

The current MP for Labis is Chua Tee Yong, one of MCA’s vice-presidents. Boo has rejected the offer to contest there.

The source claimed that many voters in Skudai were hurt by the decision to send Boo to Labis and to name Mengkibol assemblyman Tan Hong Pin for the Skudai contest.

“The DAP leadership is practising a new type of politics,” he said. “Maybe Boo doesn’t fit and they can’t work together.”

He praised Boo as the “builder of the DAP brand” in Skudai.

“Boo is hardworking and humble,” he said. “He spends eight hours a day on the ground. He even spends as much as RM2,000 on petrol a month to travel from branch to branch in Skudai.”

He also described Boo as “ very popular” among Malay and Indian voters, saying this was reflected in the last election.

In GE13, Boo beat BN’s Liang Ah Chy with a majority of 18,050, representing 67.7% of the votes cast.

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