100 BN flags at Mambar new village torn down and burnt

Election campaign flag fever has led to complaints. (File picture)

SEREMBAN: About 100 Barisan Nasional flags at Mambau New Village have been torn down and set on fire, according to state MCA information head Dafney Ho.

She said the flags had been put up at the entrance of Mambau New Village and around Mambau town about three days ago at a cost of RM300.

Party workers this morning found that the flags had been removed and set ablaze.

“This is an unhealthy competition…strangely why are only BN flags missing, flags of others were untouched. If we have made any mistakes, let us know, do not resort to this tactic (remove and burnt),” she said at a media conference here today.

A police report was lodged at Mambau police station. She said BN would set up security video cameras at suitable locations.

“We will install CCTV to prevent such incidents apart from ensuring the safety of our machinery personnel on the ground in conjunction with the general election,” she said.

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