Blind or paralysed, these three will be voting

While some are calling for spoilt votes, others are determined to cast their ballots.

KOTA BAHRU: Risda retiree Abdul Rahman Ahmed, 73, who lost his sight three years ago, can’t wait to go to the polls on May 9.

“It will be my first general election where I’ll be going to the polls as a disabled person. Being blind will not stop me from exercising my right,” he said at his home here.

Abdul Rahman lost his sight three years ago because of diabetes. He had never missed voting in the general election and follows political developments by listening to the radio and television.

Another disabled person, retired soldier Mohd Nor Muhammad, 69, from the same village, said he too would vote, despite being paralysed after a stroke.

“It is to symbolise my appreciation of the federal government’s contribution in looking after the welfare of the OKU, such as the monthly aid from the Social Welfare Department,” he said.

Likewise, Rogayah Salleh, 74, who is visually impaired and paralysed following a stroke three years ago, said she had never failed to exercise her right as a voter.

“I will go out to vote even if I have to be carried,” she added.

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