Mahathir mocks attendance at BN events

Thousands attending the PH ceramah in Danau Kota, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.

KUALA LUMPUR: The attendance at Barisan Nasional ceramah pale in comparison to those at Pakatan Harapan events, said its chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir mocked the attendance at a ceramah in Tampin. The former prime minister said he saw a lot of empty chairs.

“In Pasir Gudang, almost 20,000 attended our various ceramah while at BN ceramah, you can only see empty blue chairs.

“We are poor, which is why we are asking for donations from the people. We can’t give handouts to people to attend our events but we still have a good attendance.

“Those who get the money that is being handed out by BN can give it to us so we can defeat them,” he said when addressing the thousands attending a ceramah in Danau Kota here today.

Besides the thousands sitting and standing in attendance, hundreds more watched from the balconies of their flats surrounding the venue.

He said PH was more united than ever despite its hurdles after PPBM was outlawed.

“Rest assured we are not split; we are actually more united. The seats allocated to PPBM will stay with us.

“We amazingly came to the consensus to use one logo and one flag — PKR.

“We have to reject the scales (BN) and the moon. Looks like the moon can be bought. So it’s best to reject it.”

Mahathir urged police and army personnel to vote for PH.

“We bring hope to you. Our economy and ringgit have suffered and the cost of living has risen. We need to make sure the people get better.

“We should have been developed by 2020 but because of the weak leadership, now it’s being postponed to 2050.

“PH will ensure that we will develop the country to make it a developed country soon and ensure it goes back to its glory days.

Wangsa Maju incumbent Tan Kee Kwong, who will defend his seat for Pakatan Harapan in the upcoming polls, said all the parties in Pakatan Harapan were working well together.

“The MCA candidate is a good friend of mine and is a strong competitor. But remember, the four times I’ve contested in the general election, I have never lost,” he said here today.

Tan also touched on current issues like the high cost of living, GST and the huge amount of money involved in 1MDB.

The ceramah included videos of Anwar Ibrahim during the Reformasi era.

Batu incumbent Tian Chua began his speech asking the crowd to yell, “Reformasi!”.

Fresh off addressing speculation about his future in PKR, Tian Chua delivered a spirited speech, urging people to stand up to defend their rights.

“The emotions of the people here are cheerful. The people can’t wait to rise up to defend their rights.

“People are all united for change. This time, it’s more than choosing between parties but just a choice of the future of our people and their children.

“We can no longer accept our country being insulted when we used to be known as a well-developing economy.

“Today, we see Indians here standing next to Malays and Chinese. This is the real Malaysia; this is what we should strive for,” he said to a huge roar of approval.

MCA, he said, was not a bad party but they were unable to stand up to their “boss”.

“They are unable to speak out against 1MDB and other issues plaguing the people.”