PSM: It’s bad that we’ll have to fight PH, but…

Michael Jeyakumar. (Facebook pic)

SERI KEMBANGAN: Parti Socialis Malaysia has voiced distress over the certainty of its facing Pakatan Harapan in multi-cornered fights, saying the blame lies with the opposition coalition’s intractable attitude in negotiations.

“Now a potential ally has been made into a combatant,” PSM central committee member Michael Jeyakumar said.

Speaking to reporters covering a forum here, the Sungai Siput MP said multi-cornered fights involving PSM could have been avoided if Pakatan had offered the party just eight seats to contest for.

“We had been working with them for a long time, but when they did their seat division this time, they didn’t include us,” he said.

In the May 9 polls, PSM is expected to be involved in parliamentary contests in Batu Gajah, Subang, Cameron Highlands and Sungai Siput. It has said that it will also vie for 12 state seats in Selangor, Penang, Kelantan, Perak, and Pahang.

On Friday, Subang MP R Sivarasa of PKR said his party could offer PSM only the Sungai Siput seat.

Jeyakumar said it was an “unfair” offer, but he agreed with Sivarasa that the coming election would fundamentally be a fight between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan.

“In terms of replacing BN, only PH can do it,” he said. “That’s true and we support the goal. But what we’ve always asked for is to be included in their line up so that we can bring our struggle to the political process.

“But now, wherever we stand in Peninsular Malaysia, it’s going to be a three-corner fight or more.”

GE14 is between PH and BN, PSM told