Are anti-Mahathir protesters really our members, PKR wonders

A Loganathan, who led the protesters, said almost 12,000 PKR members in Penang do not want to be associated with Dr Mahathir Mohammad.

GEORGE TOWN: Questions have been raised whether a group of anti-Mahathir protesters who gathered outside the PKR office in Seberang Jaya today were members of the party.

Some of the posters held up by the protesters.

Carrying posters and banners denouncing Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the group urged PKR not to allow the former prime minister to use the party’s “eye” symbol in the coming polls.

Their spokesperson, A Loganathan, claimed all 11,500 Indian members in Penang PKR were upset over the move due to Mahathir’s past actions against party leader Anwar Ibrahim.

“Why is PKR using him? This man has no shame. This is the same guy who insulted, damned and beat us.

“But now he has the gall to ask us to use our symbol? Does this not make us look stupid?

“We cannot stand seeing someone whom we hate and who is also no longer relevant in Malaysian politics using our symbol,” he said.

Loganathan said PKR could win the election without Mahathir and repeated the recent call by some PKR members in Kuala Lumpur who had asked the party not to allow Mahathir to use PKR’s logo.

However, a PKR member based at the PKR office said he had never seen Loganathan and the other protesters before.

Penang PKR Youth information chief Fahmi Zainol said he could not confirm if the protesters were actually PKR members.

Penang PKR Youth information chief Fahmi Zainol also said a PKR leader had confirmed that the group was unknown to them.

“At this time, we cannot confirm they are members, but we were told by the division leader that they had never seen them before. We will investigate,” he said.

Permatang Pauh PKR security director Talib Ibrahim said a police report was lodged earlier this morning over the protest.

“The protesters are not PKR members. They are unable to show proof they are members,” he said.

When contacted, Loganathan said he was former Bukit Tambun PKR deputy chief and is currently still an active member.

Permatang Pauh PKR security director Talib Ibrahim (with arm raised) asking the protesters to leave.

“They say I’m not a member. I say, ask them to check with Bukit Tambun assemblyman Law Choo Kiang. He knows who I am.”

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