Bersih: Dead people found on electoral roll

Shahrul Aman Saari (holding statement) says there have been many complaints from Malaysian voters overseas.

PUTRAJAYA: Electoral reform group Bersih 2.0 today submitted more than 80 complaints to the Election Commission (EC), including claims that the names of dead people and those who have not registered have appeared on the electoral roll.

Five names on the register belonged either to deceased people or to former citizens, and 24 people’s names were on the roll even though they had never signed up as voters, it said.

“These complaints have been independently verified by Bersih by cross-checking the current and older versions of the electoral roll,” said Bersih acting chairman Shahrul Aman Saari.

He also called for a written explanation from the EC and for urgent action by the commission.

Voters with similar problems should submit their complaints to the EC without further delay, he said.

He also said 14 registered voters had been transferred to a distant constituency without their knowledge. One complainant was that members of the same household were registered in different constituencies.

There were 16 complaints of names being removed and 20 complainants who said their applications to register as voters or to change their address were not processed by the EC, or that they were not informed of objections filed against them.

Shahrul said Bersih had received many phone calls and complaints from the public since the dissolution of Parliament, which put into question the integrity of the electoral roll.

“We hope the EC will take urgent action to protect the integrity of the electoral roll before polling day on May 9.”

Shahrul said Bersih was “especially alarmed” by the high number of complaints from Malaysians overseas who had been registered without their consent and some who were transferred to distant constituencies without their knowledge.

“It is shameful that some voters will now be unable to cast their ballots in their home constituency due to the EC’s failure to address basic issues with the electoral roll before GE14,” he said.

He also reminded people to check their registration details on the EC website to avoid any problem on polling day.

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