Don’t be resentful if dropped, Zahid tells supporters

Zahid says supporters should sort out any unhappiness, hopes Zambry Abd Kadir will lead Perak again. (Facebook pic)

IPOH: Barisan Nasional politicians elected in 2013 should not be resentful if they are not nominated to seek re-election this time, said BN deputy chairman Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said BN chairman Najib Razak had the final say on the candidate list.

Speaking at BN’s unveiling of Perak BN nominees this morning, he said: “Therefore, ladies and gentlemen who are invited this morning, don’t think too much about being renominated to represent BN because, outside, there are more people who are sad for not being nominated.”

He urged the proposers and supporters of candidates to take measures to deal with any unhappiness among certain groups.

No internal problems should arise but said measures should be taken to resolve them if they do.

“I don’t want to see and hear any reports (about such problems), be it at polling registration centres in any hotspots.

“The machinery or candidates must solve the problem among themselves and any resentment must be put aside so as to ensure the candidates win,” he said.

Zahid said efforts should be taken not only to retain existing seats but to regain more seats, adding that Perak needed to win over two-thirds majority in the state seats.

He also hoped that Perak BN chairman Zambry Abd Kadir would continue to lead the state as menteri besar. The people needed to give him their full support.

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