Former second finance minister Husni to defend Tambun seat

Former second finance minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah is back to defend his Tambun seat despite having quit the Cabinet and all Umno and BN posts in 2016.

IPOH: Former second finance minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah has denied that his nomination to defend the Tambun parliamentary seat in the upcoming polls would split the Tambun Umno division.

He said there was no element of dissatisfaction at the grassroots.

Instead, all were concentrating on efforts to ensure Barisan Nasional’s victory in the Tambun parliamentary seat as well as in the Manjoi and Ulu Kinta state seats.

“There is no split. We (the BN candidates in Manjoi and Ulu Kinta) are a team.

“When we are nominated as BN candidates, we are mature enough to ensure BN’s victory in GE14,” he told reporters after the announcement of the Perak BN candidates at the menteri besar’s official residence here today.

Earlier, Perak BN chairman Zambry Abd Kadir announced Husni would defend the Tambun parliamentary seat.

Tambun Umno division acting chief Aminuddin Hanafiah would contest the Hulu Kinta state seat and Mohamad Ziad Mohamed the Manjoi state seat.

Husni resigned as second finance minister on June 27, 2016 before Najib announced the Cabinet reshuffle.

Subsequently, he also relinquished all his posts in Umno and BN, at the federal, state and division levels but remained as Tambun MP.

Husni also thanked the BN and Umno leadership for nominating him to defend the seat.

Asked about his strategy, Husni, who has won the seat since 1995, said he would use the network he has built with the community to retain victory for the sixth term.

“After I resigned, I’ve become a ‘people’s leader’, sitting with them to discuss problems. The network with the people has become bigger.

“And I believe the leadership and community in Tambun have confidence in me. They have supported me all these years that we have been together to develop Tambun.”

Husni also believed that his experience as a former Cabinet member and as Tambun Umno division chief for 23 years would give him the advantage to win the seat.

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