Ong: EC has diluted the value of your vote

DAP’s Ong Kian Ming says the EC has failed to adhere to the one-person, one-vote principle. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: The value of votes in big constituencies has been diluted by the Election Commission’s (EC) recent redrawing of constituency boundaries, DAP’s Ong Kian Ming said today.

He also said the EC had failed in its duty to adhere to the one-person, one-vote principle by not ensuring a fair and reasonable weightage between urban and rural seats.

The Dewan Rakyat passed the boundary changes on March 28 after two hours of debate. They were gazetted the following day.

Ong said the 10 largest parliamentary seats, all in the peninsula, were won by opposition parties in 2013, whereas the smallest 10 were won by Barisan Nasional.

For the general election on May 9, Ong has been nominated as Pakatan Harapan’s candidate for Bangi (formerly Serdang), which has 178,790 voters, the most of any parliamentary constituency in Peninsular Malaysia.

In contrast, Sabak Bernam, also in Selangor, is the 10th smallest parliamentary constituency with only 40,863 voters, he said.

Ong highlighted nine other large constituencies with more than 100,000 voters, all in largely urban areas, and other more rural seats of similar size.

“This clearly shows that voters from all races and from both urban and rural areas have seen the value of their vote diluted under the delimitation exercise that was bulldozed through in Parliament last month.”

Ong said if an EC followed an unbiased interpretation of the Federal Constitution, there would be smaller discrepancies in the number of voters between seats.

The 10 largest (urban) seats are:

Bangi – 178,790 voters
Damansara (formerly Petaling Jaya Utara) – 164,322 voters
Klang – 149,348 voters
Kota Raja – 149,021 voters
Subang (formerly Kelana Jaya) – 146,422 voters
Gombak – 141,112 voters
Petaling Jaya – 140,920 voters
Iskandar Puteri, Johor (formerly Gelang Patah) – 138,299 voters
Kota Melaka – 126,848 voters
Kapar – 124,983 voters

Largely rural Malay-majority seats include:

Tumpat – 110,924 voters
Kemamam – 107,593 voters
Baling – 107,213 voters
Marang – 104,898 voters

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