Lip Eng: Kepong voters will back PH regardless of candidate

DAP has moved Lim Lip Eng from Segambut to Kepong for the coming polls.

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP’s candidate for Kepong Lim Lip Eng says voters in the parliamentary constituency will welcome any candidate from Pakatan Harapan (PH), including new faces, as they are unhappy with the current government and ready for change.

Lim, who is the current Segambut MP, is replacing eight-term incumbent Dr Tan Seng Giaw who had served the seat since 1982.

“The people in Kepong will vote for the opposition. It means that they will vote for whoever PH sends as a candidate.

“I have been going around since the announcement was made that I will contest the seat, and the feedback is that the constituents want a change from the current administration.

“So it doesn’t matter whether it is me or Tan standing in the constituency, the bigger concern is to oppose Prime Minister Najib Razak’s administration,” he told FMT.

Lim also described Tan as his mentor, saying there was much that could be learned from the party veteran.

“Tan is my senior in the party, and he is also my role model or ‘sifu’. He has immense experience as the Kepong MP and has left a good legacy, a lot of juniors can learn from him,” he said.

He also acknowledged that he would likely be focusing more on issues in the Chinese community as Kepong has a larger Chinese population compared to Segambut.

“Previously, the issues that I tackled in Segambut and what I brought up in Parliament were not specific to any race, so now I may have to look more at issues that concern the Chinese community,” he said.

Kepong comprises 89% Chinese, 6% Indians and 4% Malays.

Despite the strong support for the opposition in Kepong, Lim said he would not be overconfident and would campaign hard with other PH candidates including Hannah Yeoh in Segambut, Tian Chua in Batu and William Leong in Selayang as their constituencies were nearby.

Lim has been the Segambut MP for two terms. He won with a majority of 19,199 votes in 2013 against Gerakan’s Jayanthi Balaguru. In 2008, he won against Gerakan’s Ma Woei Chyi with 7,732 votes.

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