PSM’s Jeyakumar offers to pull out of Sungai Siput race

PSM’s Michael Jeyakumar says he is willing to stay out of the polls.

PETALING JAYA: PSM’s sole MP Michael Jeyakumar said he was ready to withdraw from contesting the coming polls to defend the Sungai Siput seat.

The socialist party, which is not part of Pakatan Harapan (PH), is currently discussing the proposal in a bid to avoid a Barisan Nasional (BN) victory in the event of a multi-cornered fight.

“There are some supporters, people in the party and those in our branch here that are asking the question, should we stand down instead of gifting the seat to BN,” Jeyakumar told FMT.

Both PH and PAS will most likely field candidates there, forcing a four-cornered fight, which many analysts say could result in a BN victory.

The seat, long held by former MIC strongman S. Samy Vellu until 2008, was won in the last two general elections by Jeyakumar who contested under the PKR banner.

Jeyakumar, a medical doctor popular among locals, said he might stand down for the benefit of the voters there, adding that there was talk that opposition supporters were split between PSM and PH.

“We are debating if the right move would be to pull out of the race. I know people will be very disappointed if they have to make that choice (between PH and PSM).

“Even though we believe we have the better candidate, we do not want to take the blame for losing the seat.”

Besides Sungai Siput, PSM has also been eyeing the Cameron Highlands seat, where DAP has announced it would contest.