Sacking of Kayveas won’t affect BN or polls, says Subra

MIC president Dr S Subramaniam says there could be internal party problems that caused MyPPP members to be unhappy with Kayveas’s actions.

IPOH: The sacking of myPPP president M Kayveas will not affect the Barisan Nasional (BN) ahead of the May 9 polls, especially in MyPPP focus seats, said MIC president Dr S Subramaniam.

He said that there could be internal party problems that caused myPPP members to be unhappy with his actions.

“The effect is on some of the supporters themselves.

“MIC, as a BN component party, may be able to serve in those Indian communities which are the focus of myPPP,” he told a media conference at the Ipoh Barat MIC Division office here today.

In a posting on Twitter, the former Taiping MP announced his resignation as myPPP president, Federal Territory mMyPPP chairman and as adviser to the Perak state government.

However, in a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today, the myPPP Supreme Council said Kayveas was actually sacked as president following his actions in allegedly abusing the party for his personal agenda.

So far, only myPPP vice-president Loga Balan Mohan has been picked by Barisan Nasional to contest in the Segambut parliamentary seat.

In the GE13, MyPPP contested in the parliamentary seat of Kepong (in Kuala Lumpur) and four state seats, namely, Kota Laksamana (Melaka), Kota Alam Shah (Selangor), Pasir Bedamar (Perak) and Manik Urai (Kelantan) but lost in all.

Meanwhile, Subramaniam said MIC had the utmost confidence on improving its achievements in GE14 on May 9.

“The MIC has more community support than ever before and this support has spurred the spirit of all the candidates who will be contesting,” he said.

In GE14, MIC will be contesting in nine parliamentary seats and 18 state seats.

Asked if the Indian community vote in Hutan Melintang would be affected as the seat would be contested by Umno candidate Khairuddin Tarmizi, Subramaniam said the candidate should have an inclusive agenda for the Indian community there.

“This is to win the hearts of the people there, and my stand is that we are not giving the Hutan Melintang seat to Umno. We will definitely ask for it back in the next election,” he said.