Not happy? Raise it with PKR leadership, Yee Kew tells incumbent

Wangsa Maju candidate Tan Yee Kew says she has done a lot of groundwork in the constituency. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: Wangsa Maju candidate Tan Yee Kew has asked incumbent Dr Tan Kee Kwong to raise any dissatisfaction he has over her candidacy with the party leadership.

Yee Kew said Kee Kwong had the right to express his unhappiness after he was dropped from the constituency.

Yee Kew, a former MCA member, said she was familiar with the constituency as she had been organising activities twice a month for the past one year in Wangsa Maju.

The PKR treasurer-general also said she was fully aware of the issues in the area.

“I have identified the issues and have a thorough knowledge on phantom voters in Wangsa Maju.

“I have a strategy to control them. This is because I have done a lot of groundwork,” she said.

Kee Kwong had questioned the PKR leadership’s decision to drop him from the seat which he won with a large majority in the last general election.

He had expressed his disappointment, saying he had served Wangsa Maju for eight years, even before contesting in 2013.

He also cited a ceramah in Danau Kota last Sunday that drew thousands as a sign that voters supported him in the constituency.

“What better endorsement than that does the leadership want? I have strong support from Wangsa Maju voters.”

He was also reported as saying that PKR may lose the seat as a result of fielding a new candidate.

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