PPBM strategy chief Rais Hussin out of May 9 polls

TAIPING: PPBM chief strategist Rais Hussin will not be contesting the Tapah parliamentary seat, he told FMT today.

He said the decision was his own, and not linked to PPBM or “any other party”.

“My reasoning is that if I stand in Tapah, I will be working for the seat, but if I don’t stand I can do work for all seats,” said Rais when met here.

“An announcement on which party will contest and who the candidate is will be made soon.”

The Barisan Nasional candidate for Tapah is MIC’s M Saravanan.

Rais, who heads PPBM’s Klang division, said he decided to stay out of the coming polls as there was “a lot of other work” that needed to be done, but declined to elaborate.

This comes a day after five PKR leaders including the Tapah division chief objected to “parachute” candidates from PPBM who will be standing under the PKR logo.

It was previously reported that the Tapah seat was assigned to PPBM, instead of PKR, who stood there in the last polls.

In 2013, PKR’s Vasantha Kumar Krishnan lost to Saravanan by a margin of 7,927 votes.

Meanwhile, Tapah PPBM chief, Mohd Yunus Yusop, told FMT that PH was banking on a Malay candidate for the Malay-majority seat.

Malay voters account for 47% of the electorate. Chinese make up 32%, while Indians 20%.


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