Retired soldier on 300km walk for PH arrives in Gombak

Former soldier Nasri Mat Jusoh has just arrived in Gombak after walking all the way from Kuantan.

GOMBAK: Former soldier Nasri Mat Jusoh, who is walking 300km from Kuantan to Putrajaya in support of Pakatan Harapan, arrived in Gombak at 5.30pm Thursday.

He was armed only with a PKR flag and a bag of supplies to sustain himself.

He had started his walk from a taxi stand near a restaurant called Nasi Ayam Aida in Kuantan at 8.30am on April 24 (Tuesday).

He says his walk is an act of protest against the rising cost of living.

Nasri said that his journey had been smooth even though the weather had been extremely hot.

“I walked alone. A few people recognised me along the way and offered to walk with me.

“That was what energised me, to know there were people out there who supported me and my cause.

“I keep in touch with my family and we keep each other updated by phone,” he said.

His family also came to Gombak from Kuantan and they will spend the night at a friend’s house.

Nasri said he would finish his journey in Putrajaya tomorrow about 5.30pm.

When asked where he will stop, he said: “Putrajaya’s entrance.

“That is where I will stop. It means I have achieved my target and it is symbolic to show that Pakatan Harapan can wrest Putrajaya this time in the coming election,” he said.

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