Stop issuing new rules for ceramahs, Maria tells cops

Maria Chin Abdullah says the new police ruling would require candidates to know in advance where they would be speaking and this was difficult to predict.

PETALING JAYA: Two PH candidates have taken the police to task for requiring parties involved in the upcoming election to get permits for holding their ceramah sessions during the campaign period.

Maria Chin Abdullah, who is contesting the Petaling Jaya parliamentary seat, said police should not create new regulations.

She said they should check the law and verify if permits were required for such events.

She said the requirement would mean that candidates must know in advance where they would be speaking and it would create difficulties.

“There cannot be new regulations and new interpretations, especially with the general election just around the corner.”

She was commenting on a statement by Perak police chief Hasnan Hassan today telling candidates to get a permit before holding each ceramah session.

The election is slated to take place on May 9 while nominations will be held on Saturday.

Hasnan had said only candidates or their agents could apply for the permits, which would not impose any time restriction.

He said the permits, to be applied for at relevant district police headquarters, should be processed almost immediately.

He also said it would be an offence not to apply for the permit, adding that each rally required its own permit.

Hasnan added that candidates who wished to campaign in other constituencies would also need to give police 10 days’ notice.

DAP’s Rajiv Rishyakaran, the incumbent state assemblyman for Bukit Gasing in Selangor, who is defending the seat, said opposition leaders would go for their ceramah gatherings as they have done before.

He said police were welcome to put “600 people” attending a rally in jail.

“Everyone is going to travel to a rally and everyone can go to jail together,” he said.

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