That’s politics, Mukhriz says on battle with close pal Aminuddin

ALOR SETAR: Former menteri besar Mukhriz Mahathir is bracing himself to face his loyalist and close friend Aminuddin Omar of Barisan Nasional (BN) for the state seat of Jitra in the coming general election (GE14).

Mukhriz said in politics, there were times when politicians needed to face even those who were close friends.

The PPBM deputy president added that he believed Aminuddin’s nomination was a strategic move by BN.

“I see his nomination by BN in Jitra as something done on purpose, as they announced it after we announced my candidacy in Jitra.

“So there could have been the possibility that his name would not have come up, if I was not contesting the seat.”

Mukhriz also said he believed “certain calculations” had been made.

“But whatever it is, I accept this, and we will enter the general election with full confidence that we can win over the people in Jitra, and secure that seat for Pakatan Harapan (PH),” he told reporters here last night.

Aminuddin, a former state executive councillor, is the Jitra incumbent. In the 13th general election, he secured the state seat by defeating PAS’ Rohani Muttalib by 3,056 votes.

At the height of the Kedah leadership crisis in 2016, he had stood by and supported an embattled Mukhriz.

He had also been beside Mukhriz when the latter announced that he was relinquishing his menteri besar post.

In GE14, apart from Mukhriz and Aminuddin, the Jitra seat is expected to be contested by PAS’ Zulhazmi Osman, setting up the stage for a three-cornered fight.

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