Umno: ‘Fake Musa son’ in nepotism claim

Umno man says Matbali’s name was altered and Musa had objected to his son Hafez entering politics.

PETALING JAYA: Sabah Umno has highlighted a fake “relative” whose name was being used to lay charges of nepotism against state BN chairman Musa Aman.

Sabah Umno treasurer Hajiji Mohd Noor said someone had “deviously dropped the ‘h’ from the last name of Matbali Musah” to make it appear that Matbali, the candidate for Lumadan, was Musa’s son.

But they are not related at all, Hajiji said. “Someone tried to make it look like he’s related to Musa.”

Social media users have pointed to the names of five relatives on the Barisan Nasional election slate to back their claim of nepotism.

Of the four others, Hajiji pointed out that three of them had already served at least three terms in office of whom two were only related by marriage.

“Some people should not be so quick to jump to conclusions without checking the facts. If one were to relate people by way of marriage, then a majority of us in Sabah would be related to each other,” he said.

The fifth was Musa’s son, Yamani Hafez, making his debut as parliamentary candidate for Sipitang – but Hajiji said Musa had objected to Hafez getting into politics and was not keen on his being a candidate.

The other Musa relatives are:

* Anifah Aman, a younger brother, who has been foreign minister in prime minister Najib Razak’s cabinet. Hajiji said Anifah had been an MP since 1999, serving Beaufort and later Kimanis, and Osu Sukam was the Sabah BN chairman when Anifah was first elected.

* Ariffin Arif, who seeks re-election to Membakut, was first elected in 2004 and became Musa’s son-in-law when he married Musa’s only daughter in 2007;

* Ghulam Haidar Khan, who seeks re-election in Kawang, was similarly elected in 2004 and became related only last year when his daughter married Musa’s son.

Hajiji said many people were not aware that Musa had objected to his son Hafez entering politics.

“Hafez was proposed as a candidate by BN and Umno Youth, being their leader who has performed his responsibilities well and he is actively involved in the formulations of the National Transformation Programme 2050 (TN50),” Hajiji said.

Umno members of the state executive council had also supported Hafez being a candidate. “Everyone agreed that he should not be deprived of his right to stand just because he is the son of the CM.”

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