Catholic priest named to stand for Parliament

Ranau-born Fr Bruno Yasun( centre) may be fielded by Parti Cinta Sabah.  (Pic courtesy of PCS)

KOTA KINABALU: A Catholic priest has been named as one of 27 candidates from Parti Cinta Sabah to contest the general election.

The party named Father Bruno Yasun as its candidate for the Ranau parliamentary seat, to challenge Barisan Nasional’s Ewon Ebin, a former federal minister.

Fr Bruno has taken a year-long sabbatical from his duties as a parish priest in Kiulu so that he could be named as a candidate for PCS.

However, Fr Bruno would not comment on what he would do if he won the seat. Fr Bruno was born in Ranau and has since served in Tambunan, Sandakan, Ranau, Telupid, Tuaran, Papar and Limbahau. In 2014, he took over in the new parish of Kiulu.

Under the Roman Catholic Church’s Canon Law, a priest is not allowed to hold public office whenever it means sharing in the exercise of civil power.

Kiulu is a parish in the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu. FMT is seeking a response from the archbishop’s office.

Ranau constituency is in the heart of Kadazandusun-Murut territory. It has been represented in Parliament since 2004 by Barisan Nasional’s Ewon Ebin, Siringan Gubat and Bernard Giluk Dompok a former chief minister of Sabah and federal minister.

Wilfred Bumburing announcing the candidate list of PCS and the Anak party. (Pic courtesy of PCS)

Dompok was appointed Malaysia’s first resident ambassador to the Vatican in 2015.

At today’s event to announce its candidates, PCS also said that its ally Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri (Anak) will contest in 16 seats, including four parliamentary seats.

PCS president Wilfred Bumburing will defend the Tamparuli state seat, where he will go head to head with Jahid Jahim (BN), who is Parti Bersatu Sabah information chief.

Anak president Henrynus Amin  will challenge BN’s Dr Joachim Gunsalam for Kundasang.

Henrynus said PCS and Anak were contesting seats in Kadazandusun Murut areas “because we want to unite and consolidate the KDM votes for our pact.”

Other parties would also contest in these areas “but what is important for us is to unite our people and we want this kind of mindset.” He said Anak had penetrated the KDM political base and also certain Chinese areas and mixed seats.

Bumburing said there is a presumption that political parties must unite in order to win. “But this is a wrong notion. It is the people who must unite,” he said.

“In the past, PBS had lots of opposition, such as Pasok Momogun party (Pasok), Parti Barisan Rakyat Sabah Bersekutu (Bersekutu), United Sabah National Organisation (Usno) and many others.

“Somehow, despite all these alternatives, the people were united in heart and mind to vote for PBS. Just look at the Chinese community who are always focused on voting for DAP no matter what,” he said.

He rebuked those who accused PCS and Anak of receiving funds from Umno. Such criticism was one of the many ways their rivals sought to discredit them, he said.

Other notable names on the candidates list is incumbent Kapayan assemblyman Dr Edwin Bosi who left DAP last year to join Anak Negeri. He will be facing Parti Warisan Sabah deputy president Darell Leiking and BN newcomer Cesar Mandela Malakun for the Penampang parliamentary seat.

The full list of PCS and Anak Negeri candidates:


1. Kota Marudu – Dr Paul Porodong (PCS)

2. Kota Belud – Daibi Mandadi (Anak Negeri)

3. Tuaran – Kalakau Untol (PCS)

4. Sepanggar – Robert Sopining (PCS)

5. Putatan – Mil Kusin Abdillah Sulai (Anak Negeri)

6. Penampang – Dr Edwin Bosi (Anak Negeri)

7. Papar – Elbert Sikuil (PCS)

8. Ranau – Bruno Yasun (PCS)

9. Keningau – Jius Awang (PCS)

10. Pensiangan – Maidin Atak (PCS)

11. Beluran – Toidy Luit (PCS)


1. Tanjong Kapor – Thomas Tsen (PCS)

2. Pitas – Pransol Tiying (Anak Negeri)

3. Matunggong – Jornah Mozihim (PCS)

4. Tandek – Johnson Gaban (PCS)

5. Kadamaian – Mail Balinu (PCS)

6. Tamparuli – Wilfred Bumburing (PCS)

7. Kiulu – Gaibin Ransoi (PCS)

8. Inanam – Terence Tsen (Anak Negeri)

9. Api-Api – Land Lip Fong (Anak Negeri)

10. Tanjung Aru – Roger Chong Wei Leung (Anak Negeri)

11. Moyog – Dennis J Tunding (PCS)

12. Kawang – Wahid @ Harith Ismail (Anak Negeri)

13. Pandai Manis – Herman J Mianus (PCS)

14. Membakut – Rosjelen Salimat (PCS)

15. Kuala Penyu – Herman Tiongsoh (PCS)

16. Karanaan – Juhaili Sidek (Anak Negeri)

17. Paginatan – Satiol Indang (PCS)

18. Tambunan – Nestor Joannes (PCS)

19. Bingkor – Oswald Aisat Iggau (Anak Negeri)

20. Liawan – Hussein Madatin (PCS)

21. Melalap – Chinly Moniu (PCS)

22. Sook – Peter Beaty (Anak Negeri)

23. Kemabong – Alfred Tay (PCS)

24. Nabawan – Angin Lambahan (PCS)

25. Labuk – James Miki (PCS)

26. Kuamut – Edward Podok (PCS)

27. Sekong – Abidin Sukor (Anak Negeri)

28. Sulabayan – Hasaman Sagaran

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