EC denies claims that dead man’s name reinstated in electoral roll

Election Commission chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah says the names of deceased voters are only struck off after confirmation is received from the National Registration Department.

PUTRAJAYA: The Election Commission (EC) has denied allegations that a dead man’s name, which had allegedly been taken out of the electoral roll previously, was then put back for the 14th general election (GE14).

Commenting on information spread on social media pertaining to the case of the late MM Narayanan Nair T Narayanan Nair, who died in 2003, EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah said the EC conducted an immediate check on the matter.

“The EC found that the name had never been taken out, and remained in the voters’ list since it was registered in 1994.

“As such, the claims by certain quarters that the dead man’s name had been taken out and had now been re-inserted into the electoral roll with the coming GE14 is not true,” he said in a statement here today.

Hashim was speaking following a statement by the National Registration Department (NRD) today on the spread of the information on the late MM Narayanan Nair, who is still in the electoral roll for GE14.

According to the NRD, it had contacted the family of the late MM Narayanan to clarify the matter and obtained positive response from them.

Hashim said the EC would take immediate action to delete his name from the voters’ list for GE14.

“The EC stresses that it cannot simply delete a voter’s name without confirmation of death by the NRD,” he said.