Gerakan’s Tan turns to local solutions to woo Taiping voters

BN’s Taiping candidate Tan Keng Liang expects to benefit from the coalition’s manifesto and DAP’s decision to forgo its rocket logo.

TAIPING: Gerakan’s Tan Keng Liang knows he faces an uphill battle against DAP in the Taiping parliamentary seat but believes he can attract fence-sitters with his eight-point manifesto for tackling local issues.

In an interview with FMT, the Gerakan Youth chief said the people of Taiping were tired of national politics and wanted their local issues resolved.

Tan, who has been working on the ground for the past three years, collecting data and information on the issues faced by the people here, said he would launch BN’s Taiping manifesto on Saturday, after nomination day.

“When I talk to people here about politics, they aren’t really interested. National issues don’t come up.

“They are only interested in knowing what I can do for Taiping. When I ask for ideas on Facebook, the response I get from Taiping-based social media users is amazing.”

He said although Chinese voters still largely supported the opposition, there were now more fence-sitters who were disillusioned and whose primary concern was having their issues resolved.

“According to the most recent surveys carried out by independent consultants, I’m still 3,000 votes behind DAP, though this was before the launch of BN’s manifesto and DAP’s decision to forego the rocket logo.

“I think these factors will help me, as well as our Taiping manifesto.”

Tan said the manifesto included the provision of extra parking spaces at the Pokok Assam market and the establishment of an Urban Transformation Centre in Taiping.

On the other hand, he said, DAP’s Taiping candidate Teh Kok Lim had yet to announce his plans for the constituency.

“What were his plans for Pokok Assam for the past five years when he was the assemblyman? What are his plans for Taiping?”

Tan added that the split in Malay votes would likely benefit BN, with PAS able to draw 8,000 Malay votes away from Pakatan Harapan.

“The question is, does Taiping want to be part of BN or to remain in the opposition as BN is likely to remain in Putrajaya?”

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