Ladies coach? This Middle Eastern couple doesn’t give a damn

Despite being told it was a ladies-only coach, the man refused to budge and instead flashed his middle finger as his picture was taken. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: The picture says it all: While KTM Berhad (KTMB) has gone the extra mile to make public transportation safer for women, some men flat-out refuse to abide by the rules.

A recent Facebook posting showed a defiant man flashing his middle finger as his picture was taken, right after being told that he was sitting in a ladies-only coach.

The caption accompanying the Facebook posting said, “Lovely behaviour from Arabs in Malaysia – breaking rules by sitting in a women’s only coach.” The posting has since been pulled down.

A quick check by FMT on Facebook, however, showed that the Middle Eastern man was just one among many others whose literacy levels left much to be desired – or who flouted the rules because, like our foreign friend, they simply did not give a damn.

In one Facebook posting, a photo shows a girl standing in the ladies coach holding on to a pole. Why, you may ask? Well, that would be because all the available seats were taken up by men. Were these men genuinely in doubt of their gender or just indifferent to rules and regulations?

The caption to this picture read, “Camni la klau takde kesedaran sivik… Ni koc lelaki ke koc wanita..???” (This is what happens when there’s no civic consciousness. Is this a men’s coach or a ladies coach?)

At the KTMB Batu Caves station, the situation was pretty much the same. Flooding a ladies coach were a bunch of male passengers, seemingly oblivious to the words KOC UNTUK WANITA SAHAJA (Ladies-only coach) emblazoned in big, bold letters on the outside of the specified coach for all to see… all, except the men, from the looks of it.

The caption to this picture read: “Apabila koc wanita dimonopoli kaum lelaki… Ko rasa???” (A ladies coach monopolised by males.)

A Facebook user by the name Beruang Viral appealed to KTM to take appropriate action against male passengers who disregarded the rules and occupied seats specifically allocated for women.

“Bukan ada polis ke yang jaga Koc Wanita? Penuh lelaki. KTM Berhad tolong ambil tindakan.” (No police to monitor the Ladies Coach? It’s filled with men. KTM Berhad, please take action.)

In yet another photo posted on Facebook by Pen Jingga Bersatu, a woman is seen sitting on the floor of the coach as a group of men occupy the seats that were allocated for her.

“Koc wanita. tapi yang lelaki buat macam koc dia plak. perempuan plak kene duduk bawah.” (A ladies coach but male passengers act like it’s theirs and a female passenger has to sit on the floor instead.)

Unfortunately, the “I don’t give a damn” attitude is not a new phenomenon: male passengers have done as they pleased from day one – yes, that’s right, from the very time these special coaches for women were launched by KTMB.

In a simple survey conducted in 2016, FMT revealed that male passengers used coaches for women specifically during rush hour i.e. 8am to 10am, and then again between 5pm and 7pm.

One man even had the gall to claim that the practice was unfair.

So for now, it’s up to KTMB to pull up their socks and ensure their policies are taken seriously. Strict enforcement of rules and regulations is necessary if defiant male passengers continue to ride our public trains.