Sivarraajh hopes myPPP will help him win Cameron Highlands

MIC Youth chief C Sivarraajh says he will step up his efforts to ensure that BN receives the voters’ support in Cameron Highlands.

KUANTAN: MIC Youth chief C Sivarraajh, who has been nominated by Barisan Nasional (BN) to contest in Cameron Highlands, hopes myPPP will help him win the parliamentary seat in the May 9 election.

He said this was because the public knew that the seat was also coveted by former myPPP president, M Kayveas, to the extent of triggering problems in the party which led to Kayveas’ sacking.

He also said he was thankful to the BN leadership for its spirit of camaraderie in giving the candidacy to MIC.

“But after being announced as the candidate, I hope they (myPPP) can help me win the seat with a bigger majority,” he told Bernama here yesterday.

He said he was also aware that it would be an uphill battle for him as Cameron Highlands was considered a hot seat, and he would have to work harder to ensure that BN received the support of voters.

In the last general election in 2013, former MIC president G Palanivel won the Cameron Highlands seat with a narrow 462-vote majority in a four-cornered fight.

Previous reports said Kayveas had been eyeing the seat for the coming election. However, the BN leadership decided that it should be contested by MIC.

According to myPPP secretary-general Mohan Kandasamy, Kayveas was sacked as president after the party’s disciplinary committee found he had abused his position for personal gain.

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Kayveas didn’t resign, he was sacked, says myPPP