Young Azam banks on anger against BN ‘outsider’

Pilih Azam Muda, Biru Muda’ is the campaign slogan of PKR’s Nor Azam Karap.

ALOR SETAR: A local boy from PKR is hoping that Kuala Perlis Umno’s disgruntlement with the Barisan Nasional choice of a non-local candidate will work in his favour to take the seat away from BN.

PKR’s Nor Azam Karap, 33, said the dissatisfaction could be an advantage. His having grown up in the area was an added advantage.

He said supporters of Umno’s Azhar Ahmad, who is now in his 60s, had told him that they would shun the election, because BN ignored Azhar, a local resident, in favour of Azam Rashid, who was Kayang state assemblyman from 2004 to 2008

“It is not so much a case of them wanting Umno to lose but this is their way of protesting, to show that they reject Azam Rashid. I was told this by Azhar’s supporters themselves. They mentioned to me that they have brought down all the BN flags and banners,” he told FMT.

Nor Azam, who is making his election debut, said Umno members had been calling up and congratulating him “saying I have the advantage now, and that 90% of them will vote for me”.

Yesterday, a commotion broke out when BN announced its Perlis candidates in Kangar. A group believed to be Kuala Perlis Wanita Umno members in favour of Azhar had confronted Perlis Umno chairman Shahidan Kassim after the announcement.

They threatened to halt BN’s election work in the constituency, and remove all BN flags and banners as a mark of protest. Video footage has since emerged showing people removing BN flags along a stretch of road in Kuala Perlis.

Kuala Perlis was formerly represented by Mat Hassan for two terms.

Azam said he hoped the Umno grassroot unhappiness would help him to win. “Furthermore, I am local. People know me. They reject Azam Rashid. They know his record,” he said.

“My campaign slogan will be ‘Pilih Azam Muda, Biru Muda’ (choose the young Azam and the light blue),” he added, a reference to the light blue PKR’s flag and the navy blue of BN.

The Kuala Perlis state seat was previously held by BN’s Mat Hassan, a state executive councillor, for two terms.

In 2013, he garnered 4,758 votes against the 3,374 of Noor Amin Ahmad (PKR) and 191 for independent Shaari Ludin.

Some 78% of the constituency’s more than 10,000 registered voters are Malay.

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