Azmin defends Gan’s right to clear her name

GOMBAK: PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has defended Gan Pei Nei, who was dropped from seeking re-election in Rawang.

He said he was aware that one of the reasons that she was not chosen to defend her seat was that a poison pen letter had accused her of misusing allocations for the constituency.

Azmin spoke to reporters after submitting his nomination papers as Gombak candidate. He said: “I believe that anyone who has been accused deserves the right to defend themselves.

“As long as I have known Gan, there has never been any form of wrongdoing on her part. She is a very committed party member and good elected representative.”

He refused to comment if the poison pen letter was an act of sabotage to tarnish Gan’s reputation ahead of the general election.

Gan is reportedly aligned to Azmin, who had proposed her name to the PKR selection committee.

Media reports have quoted her as saying that she denied being absent from her duties as an elected rep, and that she had cut short her maternity leave, taking only two weeks off, after having delivered a baby last month.

Gan was elected in Rawang in 2008 against Barisan Nasional and an independent candidate. She was re-elected in 2013 with a 9,241-vote majority against BN’s Lee Li Yew.

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